D is for Donut & B is for Broom

“d” is for donut, because when you bump into a d, you bump into the donut (show your child how to draw the donut first). Then you gobbled up the delicious donut, but “Oh dear”! Look at all the crumbs! So next you walk over and bump into b, “b” is for broom (show your child how to draw the broomstick first and then make the tummy).

Next let your child copy b d drumming by slapping his / her hands on the table in front. Write a d on your child’s left hand as that’s the way the tummy faces and a b on his / her right hand.

To practise even more, next time you drive, ask your child to say whether you are turning the “b” way (right) or the “d” way (left). It really works!

Have fun, feel inspired and unlock your inner child!

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