Frozen Snow Nappy Inner

Who knew disposable nappies are multi-purpose? If you’ve moved over to cloth nappies/diapers or your toddler has potty trained and you have a few left over, have a read.

I cut the sides of two nappies and pulled the fluff lining out. Then I added water, blue food colouring and a few Frozen figurines . Ta da! Ensued lots of “senseplosive” fun.

My sensory avoider two-year-old is gradually turning into a sensory seeker like my seven-ear-old with all these gradual and constant fun messy exposure. He even “stole” the shaving foam and smeared our oven door full of it. Being able to react to messy textures in a calm and controlled manner is important for emotional regulation.

Through our touch system we connect with others and oxytocin is released. A child who is tactile defensive (severely touch oversensitive) often do not get enough cuddles and touch input, which may contribute to less optimal well being.

Have fun, feel inspired and unlock your inner child!

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