Senseplosion is fun stimulating activities which can be done with minimal equipment or easy to find resources, by any parent, educator, or facilitator.

Join my Senseplosion – Therapy Factory Facebook group, which was set up to inspire, improve and unlock children’s inherent developmental skills through easy-to-do fun activities.

The group was initially planned for my OT children to keep them active and engaged at home while schools were closed during the strict COVID-19 lockdown, which started in March 2020 in South Africa. I used my own two children as jolly co-workers, while juggling house errands and home schooling. The word however spread fast and the group grew to 100 members in week one. Lockdown went from three weeks to three months, after which private schools finally reopened.

I decided to keep up with this group and all parents, caregivers, therapists, or educators are welcome to join and participate in the fun activities. My incredible daughter and I have also created a YouTube channel, called Therapy Factory by Liani Austin, where we share videos of our Senseplosion activity adventures.

Balance is key, hence four types of activities are shared, focusing on different sensory systems and skills:

1) Messy touch activities

2) Fine motor arts and crafts activities

3) Whole body gross motor activities

4) Cognitive Perceptual activities

Have fun, feel inspired and unlock your inner child!


Visit the Senseplosion at Home page, by clicking on the link below, for freely available activities which can be performed at home with items generally available.

For information about our bespoke SIMS or Funky Fingers programs for Early Learning Centres or Primary Schools (ages one to nine years) visit the School Stimulations Page