Edible Dinosaur Sand

Let’s play with edible sand! This one is for you if you have a curious infant or toddler who loves to explore. Simply buy bread crumbs at the store and ta da, you have sand! How easy is that? Or you can freeze a few bread rolls and grate them. They grate surprisingly fast and easy.

I decided to make a few colourful rocks as well. So I mixed a little milk with three different colours food colouring and mixed this into some bread crumbs. Then I placed it in the oven on a low heat to dry out.

My sensory sensitive two-year-old was hesitant to touch the fluffy bread crumb sand but the dinosaurs won him over. On the other hand my sensory seeker seven-year-old immediately pressed her hands inside, with a big smile on her face and even wanted to taste it.

I placed a few small glass marbles inside for her to find and she had to dig them out using finger movements and activating her touch system. We counted how many she could find in one minute. This helps to enhance her processing and work speed.

Have fun, feel inspired and unlock your inner child!

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