If you value allowing your learners to reach their full potential in all aspects of development, then have a look at our bespoke sensory stimulation programs. SIMS is a sensory stimulation program which can be done by an educator or facilitator at school in a group setting for children ages one to nine years. It focuses on enhancing basic developmental skills through sensory stimulation of the visual-, touch-, vestibular (movement) and proprioceptive (joint position sense) systems. This will help to create a stronger foundation so that academic skills can more easily flourish.

More and more learners are struggling with their pencil grasps and experience handwriting difficulties. We created a fun Funky Fingers Handwriting program which consists of nine sessions and helps to enhance an efficient pencil grasp and pencil control in a group setting with positive peer pressure.

Have a look below and contact us for further information and a quote.


Visit the Senseplosion at Home page, by clicking on the link below, for freely available activities which can be performed at home with items generally available.

For information about our bespoke SIMS or Funky Fingers programs for Early Learning Centres or Primary Schools (ages one to nine years) please make contact via the contact page.