Disappearing Ink

Which child doesn’t like a water gun? Not only is it good for those small finger muscle strengthening, but it also enhances eye hand coordination. Feel free to use a spray bottle if you don't have a water gun.

I wrote a few sight words on kitchen towel paper for my daughter. I told her which word to find and she then had to spray the word with her water gun to make it disappear. She loved it and didn’t even realise that it was part of reading exercises for the afternoon!

For my two-year-old I drew little pictures and instructed him which one to find and then spray. It was so adorable to witness how hard his visual system worked, scanning all over the paper, having to remember what to find and then recognising it. This really boosted his active listening skills, memory and visual perception. He had such fun too!

Have fun, feel inspired and unlock your inner child!

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