Colourful Noodles

We did this activity just before lunch. A two in one – messy play plus tummies full! I cooked noodles as usual and then added a few drops of food colouring. Next I added toy butterflies.

My children were so intrigued and it was very special to see their version of Lady and the Tramp. Can I get an “Aw”?

Removing items out of a bowl of messy texture stimulates the touch system. Firstly, one must tolerate the texture in order to keep calm, yet alert. We call this regulation. Next, one’s fingers need to interpret what is touched in order to discriminate between the messy texture and actual object. This boosts fine finger grips and movements.

You will find that children often compensate using vision. So they look, then find the object. If you want to purely facilitate touch discrimination, blindfold your child and he / she must find the object without looking, and by feeling with their fingers.

Have fun, feel inspired and unlock your inner child!

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