The thriving occupational therapy practice of Anneri Oosthuizen and Liani Austin has gone from strength to strength since opening in 2007. The practice is aptly named Therapy Factory  where we put the fun into functional!

Anneri and Liani have walked a long path together, meeting in High School and going on to study Occupational Therapy together at the University of Pretoria. It was there where a shared passion for children developed, and the seed was planted for a bright future as partners in Therapy Factory.

Anneri is a typically left brain personality; good at organising, planning and making things work. She is dynamic and full of energy due to her early childhood diagnosis of ADHD, now being harnassed for good. When Anneri received occupational therapy at the age of 5 years, she decided she too would one day become an OT-Tannie. She achieved this with the help of various interventions. Anneri truly understands children with concentration and attention difficulties. She enjoys guiding families to the road of success after having walked the path of ADHD herself. Anneri has provided valuable contributions on this topic. You might recognise her as the bubbly occupational therapist on the Kyknet television program; n Lewe Met AGHS (ADHD), and she has also written an article in a magazine. Anneri gives regular talks on the radio as well as workshops about ADHD to other professionals and parents.

Liani cares deeply about others and is sensitive to the needs and well being of children and their parents; a typical right brain personality. She has always known that she would like to contribute in a helping environment that is focussed on improving others quality of lives Occupational Therapy was the way to go! After completing her studies, Liani worked in London for 2 years where she gained valuable international based knowledge. Presently, she also volunteers at Abba House during her free time a place for abandoned babies and is a proud temporary mom to newborn babies in her own home until they are placed with their forever families.

Together Anneri and Liani form a wonderful team by complementing each other in order to develop a successful Occupational Therapy Practice where they can holistically treat children within the occupational therapy framework. Both of them have a deep interest in children with sensory processing difficulties and obtained their post graduate qualification in sensory integration. The practice therefore treats a variety of diagnoses, but always takes sensory processing into account when evaluating and treating, as it is such a vital aspect of being a functional human being (for more information about sensory processing please refer to the attachment). The Therapy Factory practice regularly attends updates and congresses to ensure that they stay abreast of the latest research, knowledge and therapeutic techniques.

In 2018 Mari-Louise Olivier joined our practice as a owner/therapist.  She had been working with us for a number of years and even when she was studying she completed her elective practicals at our practice.  She embodies all that we stand for and has the same believe in the power of fun within our therapy process.  She is a very organised person and dedicates herself fully to each child's OT journey.  

Therapy Factory sees each child as a unique human being and feels a great honour to be able to hold a tiny hand and dance this dance with the child - one of many on their lives journeys. It is important to establish a good trusting relationship between the occupational therapist, parents and the child as this dynamic trio truly ensures the success of occupational therapy.

When a child feels secure and knows that she will not be forced, but rather encouraged and guided, she will start to actively participate within the Occupational Therapy milieu resulting in her to spreading her wings in order to fulfil her dreams and reach her full potential in all aspects of life (school, home, social).

Therapy Factory understands the importance of empowering parents in order to truly comprehend their childrens diagnoses, strengths and weaknesses so that they may become their childrens advocates for life. Therapy Factory see themselves as part of a multi-disciplinary team and value input from other team members including the parents, teachers, speech and language therapists, doctors, psychologists, play therapists and many more. Therapy Factory regularly organizes workshops for parents and teachers education them about various diagnoses and tips on effective handling. Ideas of appropriate activities are also provided during these sessions.

The Occupational Therapy practice is bilingual in English and Afrikaans. Therapy Factory treats children from birth well into primary school and has a special interest in:

  • Sensory Integration

  • Infant Sensory Integration Difficulties leading to sleeping-, feeding problems as well as achieving developmental milestones.

  • Sensory-motor development and stimulation; including gross and fine motor skills.

  • School related learning difficulties that hinders a child achieving his/her full potential in the class room. For example visual perceptual difficulties could have a detrimental effect on reading, maths and or spelling.

  • Attention and concentration difficulties including, but not limited to ADHD and ADD.


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