Q. What is Occupational Therapy?

Q. Where is Therapy Factory based?

Q. What ages of children do you treat in at Therapy Factory?

Q. Which diagnoses do Therapy Factory treat?

Q. What is sensory processing or integration?

Q. What is the process of starting Occupational Therapy?

Q. What aspects of development does an Occupational Therapy evaluation look at?

Q. My child displays no difficulties and his teacher is satisfied with his development, but I would like to make sure all aspects of his development are on par and according to his potential. Could I bring him for an Occupational Therapy Evaluation?

Q. I am concerned about my childs emotional development. Can I bring her for an Occupational Therapy evaluation?

Q. My childs teacher has recommended she gets evaluated by a Speech and Language Therapist. Could an Occupational Therapist do this assessment?

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