How an ADHD child feeds the family dog

Author: unkown

I got up this morning, because the sun was shining right in my eyes and my hamster was running on his wheel, plus Mom was snoring too loud. I was very quiet and only chased the cat with the bath brush into the living room.

The computer light was on so I sat down in my pajamas and clicked some buttons. Going on-line is easy and I know how to do it. I only played two games because was boring today. Then I opened some files of my Mom and brothers and coloured on two pictures. It was really pretty. When the computer asked me some words I just clicked on the keyboard like I was typing because I didn't know what it said. Mom will be so proud of me. While I was making a video on the web cam with me an’ my cat Smokey, I got hungry and my stomach growled. Cold hot dogs are my favourite, they taste great. The ketchup got on the floor and the cabinet, but I got a rag and cleaned it up. I think it was a rag. It kind of did look like dads t-shirt.

The movie I turned on was sort of cool, but it kept having boring spots. So I got dressed all by myself. My favourite dress was ready to wear; it's ok that I wore it yesterday. Then, when Mom woke up I told her that too and she made me change anyway while she washed the floor and cabinet. She always gets this funny, tired look on her face when t get up before her, even if I have been extra good like today.  I went to wash my face and brush my teeth (Mom always bosses me around about being clean, I think I'm clean enough..)

Dad had left way early and didn't get to feed the dog so Mom gave me the dog food and told me to wash out his bowls with the hose (I love the hose) and to NOT squirt him at all, and fill his bowl with fresh water. I'm really good at taking care of animals; I love them a lot and don't even torture them much with games and stuff. After she did my hair and made me holler, I went out and petted him. His name is Samson because he is big and black and gentle to me even when I ride his back. He also has a long tail like a pony tail that they didn't have cut off (Dad said there's a guy named Samson in the bible, and when he cut his ponytail he got an weak and stuff) I think its mean to cut off a dogs tail (and they get all crazy and red when I poke him with a stick, but they cut off tails? I think those people are dumb and mean.) I'm five so I can turn on the hose all by myself and he doesn't knock me down when he comes running to lick me. He licks me a lot. My big brother told me he used to whip me with his tail right in the face by accident when I was really little. I want to squirt him with the hose when I think about that, but I don't. I'm being really good and responsible today. There is a gray squirrel eating from his dish and I chase him away with a big stick. The stick is cool, it has some crawly bugs on it and I squish 'em with my shoe. The breeze blows my hair and I look up at the treetops from where the stick fell. The leaves are swaying in the wind and it kinda' looks sleepy like. I sway for a minute with it feeling the wind. Then I remembered I was feeding the dog 'cause he licked me in the face. I dumped out the old food on the ground (the squirrel can eat it if he is hungry and has no food. Maybe he doesn't have a job and his family is hungry and he has a lot of kids or something. That's kinda' sad and made me feel bad for the squirrel so I spread it around past where Samson can't reach so he can eat it. I won't chase him with a stick again. Maybe.

I love the hose. It's fat and gray and has this cool awesome squirter my Dad bought at the hardware store. He took me one day and kept telling me to stop touching stuff. (I think they shouldn't tell kids to not touch stuff at stores. It's shiny and the packages are bright and are made to make you want to touch 'em. So I touch. What am I supposed to do? Stand there forever?) Sometimes when I use the squirter it knocks me down 'cause I'm skinny. Sissy calls me "Chicken legs" I think that's mean. But I love Sissy. She has fun things and only yells at me when I open her collector Barbies boxes and undress them. I only did that a few times. I didn't even rip the boxes, that wouldn't be nice. But today I was ready and it only pushed me sideways. I washed his bowls out and used a leaf I found to make a boat that I pushed with the water from the hose. I wanted to squirt Samson, but I didn't. I was being good. I laughed at the way it sprayed everywhere when I squeezed real hard and made mist like when my other brother takes his showers and uses all the hot water. Mom says he is trying to steam out his attitude. Whatever that means. Mom says some dumb stuff.

I guess I was yelling because Mom opened the kitchen window and said "You're feeding the dog, remember?" I said "I AM feeding the dog, sheesh!!" I tried to drag the big water bowl over but it was too heavy and I yelled for Mom. She said to try emptying it and filling it next to the food bowl so I didn't have to drag it full of water. So I dumped it back out (water seems to get every where,  my dress was soaked and looked neat all dark at the bottom). Samson kept flinching and starting to run away whenever I picked up the hose, he was so funny. His tail was wagging so I knew he liked me to squirt him, but Mom and everyone lose their minds when I do, so I didn't. But I wanted to squirt him real bad. Really bad. I mean real, real bad.

After his bowl was all filled with fresh and clean water the bubbles were fun to play with and I bent over to play with them. Samson came over to drink from his bowl and my hand sorta' kinda' slipped and I squirted him in the face. Then I sorta’ kept squirting him. He was running and I was laughing. I fell once in the muddy dog area. Mom yelled a whole lot and knocked on the window. I stopped. His food and water were all done and I did it without being bad even once. I'm a really good girl. How come she always looks so tired and puts her hand over her eyes?

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