St Paulus

Therapy Factory has been evaluating, treating and seeing learners at St. Paulus Primary school since 2007.  The school is aware of the benefits that therapy at school to children provide and supplied Therapy Factory with a spacious room to set up an Ayres Sensory Integration satellite practice.

The children see the chance to participate in OT at the play room as a privilege due to the fun and exciting view they get from peeping through the windows. The room is completely set up with balls, swings, scooter boards and a ramp, a huge blackboard and loads of other fun equipment and toys.  A further benefit of being at the school is that the next door neighbour is a Speech Therapist and therapy sessions can be combined to ensure that the child reaches his/her maximum potential as soon as possible.

A shared passion for helping learners reach their full academic potential has led to a devoted professional relationship between therapists and teachers at St Paulus.  Teachers are trained to recognize any difficulties hampering a child's development and when to make an appropriate referral.  They are also open to simple class accommodations such as letting a child sit on a ball or air cushion and thereby providing in the sensory needs of their learners.  It is a true privilege to be part of such a wonderful team.  This comfortable working relationship also enables the therapists to observe a child within the classroom milieu in order to better understand their level of functioning.

Liani Austin and Anneri Oosthuizen are the two OT's working at St Paulus and evaluate and treat children from Gr.000 (4 years) to Gr.4 (10 years) at the school.


Pre-primary / Nursery Schools

In addition, Therapy Factory also currently provides OT at some pre-primary / nursery schools in the area of Pretoria East.

The need arrived after working parents requested OT be done at school as work constraints meant that children could not be brought to the practice. A suitable area where equipment can be attached has been allocated to therapy so that the children at these schools can still receive the benefit of sensory integrative therapy. The therapists take their own equipment to and from school.

As at St Paulus, the therapists value their close working relationships with the teachers in order to collaborate, support and learn from each other so that a child’s learning potential can be enhanced.

Mari-Louise Olivier gives OT at The American International School of Johannesburg: Pretoria Campus and Liani Austin is also available at Morning Star Montessori.


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